World Premiere Abu Dhabi, UAE

A Theater Mitu Collaboration

Conceived & Directed by Rubén Polendo

Costume Design:  Candida K. Nichols

Lighting Design:  Kate Ashton

Mask Design:  Lori Peterman

Original Music:  Ellen Reid

Set Design:  Czerton Lim

Photos:  Courtesy of Theater Mitu

Presented by the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute in collaboration with The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage

Inspired by the Short Stories of Luigi Pirandello, the film Kaos by the Taviani Brothers & the dance piece Kaos by Martha Clarke.

Text Adapted by Rubén Polendo and Chris Mills.

Theater Mitu folds Pirandello's themes of travel and migration into an emotional landscape of despairing mothers, possessed lovers, trickster scribes and magical craftsmen.  Working with the elegant forms of Japanese, Balinese and Arabic traditions, and featuring original live music, this expressionistic piece creates a vivid panorama to delve into the heart of the migrant experience.