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By Anton Rubenstien 

Costume Design:  Kaye Voyce

Associate Costume Design:  Candida K. Nichols

Assistant Costume Designer:  Amanda Gladu

Bard SummerScape Opera

The American Symphony Orchestra

Director:  Thaddeus Strassberger

Conductor:  Leon Botstein

Lighting Design:  Jax Messenger

Scenic Design:  Paul DePoo

Movement Director:  Onofrio Colucci


Watch the production Here

Read about it Here

Photos:  Maria Baranova



Demon is about a fallen angel who seeks redemption through a woman's love.  


He becomes obsessed with Tamara, a Georgian princess, ruins her projected marriage and inspires obsessional feelings in her. In a battle for her soul with an unfallen angel, she is redeemed and he is still damed. 

Headed by an all Russian cast, 46 New York City chorus members and a Georgian dance troupe, this production consisted of over 170 period, fantasy, ethnic and military costumes.

This included full custom builds and heavy alterations/refurbishing of purchases and rentals. This work was done by NYC costume houses, Bard's costume shop and in the country of Georgia.


Candida created and maintained the budget, hired costume houses, rented office space arranged fittings and worked with an onsite costume shop through the build, fitting and alterations process.

She worked closely with Kaye to source materials and in pulling rentals.  She made sure all parties had what they needed for their work to come in on time and in budget.

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