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JFK by David T Little & Royce Vavrek

Commissioned by Fort Worth Opera


2016 World Premiere Fort Worth Opera

2018 Canadian Premiere Opéra de Montréal

Directed by Thaddeus Strassberger

Costume Design:  Mattie Ullrich

Associate Costume Design:  Candida Nichols

Lighting Design:  Chad Jung

Production: Fort Worth Opera, American Lyric Theater,

                        and Opéra de Montréal Company premiere.

Over 175 period costumes.  Custom items were built in five different cities, accented by vintage clothing and specialty pieces.

JFK KA F9.jpg
JFK KA4.jpg
JFK KA G4.jpg
JFK KA G2.jpg
JFK KA G6.jpg
JFK KA G5.jpg
JFK KA2.jpg
JFK KA5.jpg
JFK KA3.jpg
JFK KA F6.jpg
JFK KA F4.jpg
JFK KA G1.jpg
JFK KA F8.jpg
JFK KA1.jpg
JFK KA F5.jpg
JFK KA7.jpg
JFK KA F11.jpg
JFK KA F3.jpg
JFK KA G Tub.jpg
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